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Forest Mommy Newborn Baby


Mommy lives in a forest far away from city. Since people less traveled this place, nobody could give her a hand if mommy seek for help. This time, mommy is pregnant and you are the only one who can do a favor. Now, she is worried while you have your own skills to give her confidence about this. So, you may know what you should do to welcome her baby. Remember to look after her baby. Your efforts will prove your kind heart and abilities to care others.Before you start, please take mommy to hospital, you cannot make it without nurse’s help. Check up her body to know if she has a fever or not, if her blood pressure  is stable..Then, do a check up for baby. Record his weight, height, do this carefully.If you finish the last two steps successfully, please try your best to make baby happy, Bathe, dress up, feed and play with the sweet baby girl in her beautiful pink and purple nursery room.
Key features:1.Send mommy to hospital on time2.Take care of mommy’s newborn baby3.check up baby’s blood pressure, heartbeat and body temperature4.Record baby’s weight and height5.Give baby toys and make him happy6.Learn more skills to take care of baby

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